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- Our Story -

Where it all began... 


It all began in 1959, when Vito, my dad, fell in love with Anna, my mom, in Petrosino, Sicily. After moving to South Beloit, Illinois and staying with Anna's family, they both began to search for employment in order to support themselves. They both applied to work at Admiral Corporation in Harvard, Illinois. As luck would have it, Anna was hired and given a job! However, Vito was told he had wait 6 months before a position would become available. Until that time, he found a job as a school janitor. They then proceeded to work together until Ma became pregnant with me, and Vito continued to work there for two more years. Vito began looking for a different way to provide for his new family, and he wanted to work closer to their home. It was 1967 when Vito took his money to Rockford, Illinois, where he turned it into a dream by opening Vito's Pizza on East State Street. Two years later he moved to South Beloit where he opened and operated Palermos Pizza. Now 1973, Vito was ready for his next venture and opportunity came knocking again! A paisanos of his started a pizzeria and ran for a short time and sold it to Vito. This was the birth of  Domenico's Pizza & Pasta. Vito operated both restaurants for the next 30 years. Unfortunately, he became ill and passed away.

“Al Dente as a way of life.” 

 -   Downtown -



“Forget the motherland - The best Italian food
is made right here in Beloit Wi.”

-  Food for Thought  -



“If Pasta could sing!”

-  Eating Out  -

* * * 
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